New Year, New Color Palette or at Least in the Fashion World

New Year, New Color Palette or at Least in the Fashion World

The new year welcomes an immense variety of changes from health and fitness, to lifestyle and fashion. January beckons the season of optimism and personal growth, and with it comes an updated wardrobe to conquer resolutions in.  

In 2016, we anticipate a new color palette in the fashion world with pops of pastels and shades of nude, beige, and cream to reign supreme in the spring. Muted color palettes that look sophisticated and clean in any environment, allowing you to be photo-ready for all your social media captures (we can’t deny that’s why we get dressed in the morning).  Establish a refined sense of simplicity with clean-edged layers, basic prints, chic sneakers, and minimal accessorizing. Assemble a small collection of pastel cotton tees with small prints and ombre tones, and invest in wardrobe full of neutrals.

Hold on to your favorite heather gray sweaters and navy blue tops to keep an elevated, clean look. Stand out with your confidence in the basics.  Heighten your look by keeping your closet filled with essentials -- colorblock prints, edgy blazers, beige cashmeres, and pastel cottons.  You are the queen of simplicity, and you can take on all of your resolutions in style.

Happy Shopping and Happy New Year!

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