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14" Sanaa Charger

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description || HANDMADE AFRICAN PLACEMAT FROM UGANDA. We've never seen a more cheerful and chic table top trivet that protects your table. This trivet serves as a pot holder for any counter top, is large enough for a placemat on a tabletop, yet versatile and beautiful enough to hang as well decor--whichever function you choose, it is sure to capture the attention of family and friends. It not only protects the table, but made with all natural fibers by hand in Uganda it also is eco-conscious and makes an impact. Could it get any better than that? This gorgeous, woven piece is a true work of art. Use as an exquisite center piece to any tabletop or as eye-catching wall decor. A must have for every home decor enthusiast or someone looking to give a personalized hostess gift for birthdays or weddings. You can also pair with other wall paintings or baskets. Each of these breathtaking designs was made with courage and heart by a woman in rural Uganda.

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more detail || Made in Uganda