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Cincense - 20 pc Sweet Cinnamon and Vanilla Incense)

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Store Location - Manhattan Beach

by || SIN-MIN

description || Incense - our way. Light one up and enjoy that SIN-MIN smoke. Not everyone's a candle person 🕯 - I get that - but as soon as the Horchata Candles hit the ground running, requests for incense became too frequent, so here ya go. Incense, for me, was a phase that might've lasted way longer had I been making these at the time. We took the same fragrance blend used in our candles and infused them into the only cinnamon sticks that you can burn 🔥 and enjoy. 20 sweet cinnamon incense sticks dressed in recycled packaging hand-dipped for you to enjoy in your space and the ones you share it with.

fabrication || xx

size + fit || 0.8" l x 0.8" w x 3" h

care || xx

more detail || Made in United States of America