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Greener Valley Trading

Hand-Crafted Root Wood Live Edge Bowl - Medium Small (10-11" / 3-4")

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by || Greener Valley Trading

description || Handcrafted from the roots and stumps of the Asian Cypress known as Shan Mu. These beautiful bowls serve for everything from storing keys and nuts, in the smaller sizes, to stunning presentation pieces for salad, fruit or bread in our larger sizes. Each piece is absolutely unique. As each bowl is food safe all you need to do for clean up is wash it with soap and water.

fabrication || Asian Cypress

size + fit || 10-11" / 3-4"

care || Greener Valley Root Wood products are all coated with a food-safe, water-based lacquer. All you need to do is hand wash with soap and water then let air dry. - As with any wood product these are NOT dishwasher safe and should not be used in a microwave. - Store in a dry, cool place and out of direct exposure to sunlight. - Occasionally apply a light coat if food-safe mineral oil to maintain appearance. Wipe off any excess with a towel or paper towel.

more detail || Each piece is carved from a single piece of a reclaimed stump or root. This is all natural and what you get is the raw beauty drawn out by one of our skilled artisans.