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Disco Cactus Decorative Plant Stake

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Don't be surprised if your plants start disco dancin'! Our "Disco Cactus" Disco Ball Decorative Plant Stake is a lightweight yet durable plastic 7 1/2 inch disco ball covered in reflective mirror glass tiles, sitting atop a 6-inch long stainless steel rod. This decorative plant stake is the perfect plant accessory to add a little disco fever, shimmer, and shine to your indoor houseplant menagerie! Just place the rod in your favorite potted plant (soil, rocks, styrofoam, or other mediums work great!), floral arrangement, or centerpiece, and let the disco ball do the rest. Each disco ball plant stake order comes with a plantable wildflower seed tag! 

Disco Cactus: 7.5" x 3.5" - Rod: 1/8" thick, 6" long stainless steel metal - Total Plant Stake Length: 13.5" Use/Care Instructions: Recommended for indoor use. Disco ball can be wiped clean using a microfiber cloth. Metal rod may shift back and forth a little due to the weight.