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Evening Glass Fragrance Oil

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As dusk begins, the evening shore is enveloped with a glassy gleam and palm trees turn into silhouettes. The conditions are magically calm and cool – the perfect time in the ocean before twilight takes over. Evening Glass is inspired by that short lived stillness of sunset.

We elevated our signature fresh green coconut, surf wax and sunscreen scent with seductive notes of dark coconut, warm wood, smoky vanilla, and ocean salt essence. It just made scents to use the best ingredients, alcohol-free for sensitive skin. Call it magic, but Evening Glass Fragrance Oil warms up with your body heat to radiate a salty scent that will transport you to your very own summer sunset.

DIRECTIONS: Apply the rollerball applicator to the neck and pulse points, such as, inner wrist, cleavage, base of throat, behind knees and inner elbows. Then, dream of those perfect salty summer days. Stay casual.